FIDough’s Favorite Podcast Episodes

Some of the most useful information about FIDough comes from single podcast episodes that stand the test of time.  They are not about what happened in the stock market last week, but rather include lessons you can use anytime to help raise, care for, or feed your FIDough.

Early Retirement

Early Retirement Made Easy – The Mad Fientist’s interview with Mister Money Mustache

Mister Money Mustache has perhaps had the biggest impact on motivating younger folks to aim for early retirement and a better lifestyle.  In this excellent interview, the Mad Fientist (a FIDough Favorite) discusses with the MMM what it takes to achieve FIRE.

Are You Saving Enough to Retire Early – Episode 13 from J.D. Stein’s podcast Money for the Rest of Us

Excellent podcast episode on some of the important considerations to planning for financial independence.

How To Retire At 50 with Darrow Kirkpatrick – Todd Tressider’s interview of Darrow Kirkpatrick

Darrow Kirkpatrick retired when he was 50 after working as software engineer.  In this show, he share’s with Todd his common sense approach to catching FIDough, and how others can do the same.


Caring for FIDough

How to Choose a Financial Advisor – Todd Tressider’s interview of Michael Kitces

In this must-listen to episode, Michael Kitces provides useful insights on how to choose a financial advisor.

How To Convert Your Volatile Investment Portfolio Into Automatic Income With Wade Pfau – Todd Tressider’s interview of Wade Pfau

Wade Pfau aka the Retirement Researcher knows his retirement stuff, as does the Financial Mentor Todd Tressider.  In this excellent podcast, they cover a number of important FIDough spending topics, including the real-world difference between a static and dynamic withdrawal strategy and what it means to your financial security.


Raising FIDough

Smart Beta – What Is It and Should You Use It? – Episode 23 from J.D. Stein’s podcast Money for the Rest of Us

A very good overview of the difference between beta, smart beta and alpha plus why it’s easier to be a successful investor by focusing on things that won’t change rather than trying to predict what will.