Financial Independence

Playing with FIDough

Whether you are still chasing FIDough or have already caught FIDough, it is important to enjoy life and have fun along the way.  Playing with FIDough focuses on the best resources available to help you maximize your FIDough fun.

Travel and Travel Hacking – Blogs

For many, a large part of playing with FIDough involves travel.  Indeed, some folks have hit the road full time and travel the globe while exploring and seeking new adventures. To help fetch the most you can with your FIDough, below are some resources to help you play with FIDough.

Travel Miles 101

A great site put together by an accountant and doctor.   As they explain on their site, they wanted to pool their “knowledge to provide you a simple yet comprehensive step-by-step way to cut through the complexity, focus on travel programs that are both easy to earn and redeem and help plan a strategy that works for your family.”  They offer a free travel hacking course as well.

The Points Guy

Focuses on maximizing travel points, primarily through credit cards.

Booking Travel

Below are some popular sites through which to book travel.  Many of them offer various deals available to you by clicking through below.