Financial Independence

FIDough’s Favorite Tools & Resources

FIDough's Favorite Tools & Retirement Calculators

A collection of FIDough’s  favorite spreadsheets, tools, and retirement calculators to help with your plan for financial independence and freedom.

FIDough's Favorite Websites

There are many excellent websites that focus on how to grow your wealth, invest better, retire comfortably, and how to manage your resources once you have obtained financial freedom (i.e., topics related to Chasing and Caring for your FIDough).  Mr. FIDough is continually fetching the best-of-the-best in this category to help you with your FIDough goals.  To qualify for this topic, sites must offer more than just a blog.

FIDough's Favorite Podcasts

There are many awesome Podcasters willing to share their experiences and advice about FIDough on a regular basis through audio and/or video.  To make the cut, a show must have a decent track record, both in terms of regular updates and longevity.  I’ve got my eye on some new shows, and if you know of others please let Mr. FIDough know.

FIDough's Favorite Blogs

There are many awesome bloggers willing to share their experiences and advice about FIDough with others on a regular basis.  These blogs stand out with their FIDough focus and regular updates.

FIDough's Favorite Podcast Episodes

Some of the most useful FIDough information about FIDough comes from single podcast episodes that stand the test of time.  They are not about what happened in the stock market last week, but rather include lessons you can use anytime to help raise, care for, or feed your FIDough.  These episodes our on Mr. FIDough’s “must listen” to list, and some of them are worth re-listening to periodically.