Best Financial Independence Blogs

Mr. FIDough’s favorite financial blogs with a focus on financial independence, financial freedom, or early retirement.  Although Mr. FIDough is big fan of the first two, the blogs are not listed in any particular order, and all are worth checking out.

Mr. Money Mustache

If you read only one personal finance blog, read this one.  MMM’s philosophy of early retirement through bad assity is surely to teach you a thing or two.

Can I Retire Yet

Because of its utility and site design, Darrow Kirkpatrick’s site gets listed here and in websites.  His blog focuses on retirement and early retirement it from the perspective of someone slightly older , who actually has saved, invested, and retired early (he retired at age 50).

1500 Days to Freedom

When Mr. 1500 turned 39, he set out to retire in 1500 days when he turned 43. His blog is documenting his and Mrs. 1500’s journey as they grow their net worth and get increasingly closer to their FIndepedence day in February 2017.  You can listen to the Mad FIentist’s interview with Mr. and Mrs. 1500 here.

The Retirement Manifesto

The Retirement Manifesto, founded by Fritz Gilbert, aims to educate, challange, and encourage folks to take the steps necessary to achieve success and financial independence.  Fritz is in his earl 50s, works as a “corporate commodity trading hamster,” and is working toward an early retirement by age 55.

Retire by 40

Joe started Retire by 40 in 2010 after working for as a computer engineer since 1996.  Through diligent saving and investing he retired two years later in July 2012.  His site documents his journey, and continues to provide good content to those interested in financial independence and freedom.

Freedom Is Groovy

Mr. and Mrs. Groovy consider themselves groovy freakin freedomists, and are spreading the word of financial freedom to others through their blog.

The Military Guide

Doug Nordman retired at age 41 after 20 years with the U.S. Navy’s submarine force.  Today he is an enthusiastic surfer, an omnivorous reader, a martial arts student, and a veteran of many chaotic home-improvement projects.  His blog focuses on helping military members and their families achieve financial independence and a successful retirement, and he is the real deal.