The Financial Independence Dough Hub (FIDoughHub) is dedicated to financial education, with a focus on helping others with financial independence throughout all of their life stages.  To do this, this site primarily collects material from existing resources although it also hosts some original content.  In sum, it is a collection of education, entertainment, and tools for raising, caring for, and feeding your FIDough.

So what exactly is FI or FIRE?

To many, “retirement” conjures up images of sitting on the beach or playing endless rounds of golf. But a growing number of people want to achieve financial independence and retire early (FIRE) so they can pursue those activities that they find the most rewarding without regard to the financial remuneration attached to those activities.  Those activities may or may not include “work” in the traditional sense.  For that reason, “retirement” doesn’t fit many within the FIRE community.

Why is this website different?

There are many, many great resources available to help individuals with investing and retirement planning. But many of them seem to be a front for selling questionable products or services.  Most sites do not point you to other existing sites with better resources. Others require digging through lots of blog posts to uncover the useful content. And, although there are lots of resources on how to grow your wealth, there is comparatively little on how to preserve it during retirement.

The Financial Independence Dough Hub solves these issues by bringing together some of the best FI/FIRE resources in an organized and usable fashion. It aims to help you answer basic questions like, how do I achieve financial independence, how soon may I retire, , how much of my nest egg may I spend in retirement, and more.

FIDoughHub Is for educational purposes only and is subject to its Terms of Use.