Financial Independence

Financial Independence, Financial Freedom, and Early Retirement

The Financial Independence Dough Hub focuses on the best available resources to help you achieve Financial Independence, Retire Early (FI or FIRE), and manage and enjoy your own financial independence money (aka your FIDough) once you have achieved FI or Financial Freedom.

If you do not yet have your own plan for financial freedom, start here. If you are in accumulation mode (i.e., saving and investing for your future), check out Chasing FIDough. If you have achieved financial independence or are nearing retirement, check out Caring for FIDough.

FIDough’s Current Picks

(A collection of recent FIDough-related content that others might enjoy.  For my all time favorite’s, check out FIDough’s Favorites.)

  • Motley Fool Money – Victory Lap Retirement – Veteran financial columnist and author Jonathan Chevreau shares insights from his latest book, including why financial independence is better than retirement, why the word “retirement” needs to be retired, and money advice for millennials.

  • Which Retirement Spending Strategy Is Right For You? by Wade Pfau – Article by the Retirement Researcher discussing how different retirement spending strategies have different patterns, which may help you identify the best strategy for your particular situation.